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Friday, November 5, 2010


 I remeber one time when I wrote to her I wasnt really thinking that she would write
back or anything but she did, I was in shock. When I checked my email
and  I saw her name me and my sister started rolling on the ground actng like a fool that
day I was extremely happy that day and week. But I am still in shock she wrote back
(Under Urooba's Umbrella) check her blog out and her
amazing fashion looks.

I also wrote to him but he never replied back. But anyway I love his fashion how unique he dresses
It would be nice for a change to see boys in my school dressing like him, but boys could be boys what can I say.
(Kate loves me)
check it out!

Well she does not look like this now but I love her page. I honestly go on
her page before school to see what I could wear  but I switch it up a bit
beacuse some of the clothes I do not have and can't wear but I adore her style.
check it out!

From the hair cutt to the shoes I just love it all. She really is a work of art literally
check her blog out!

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Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Aw sweetie! I just saw this!
THANK YOU DEAR, you're too cute mashallah!